Sep 29, 2016

How To Get Free Gems In Clash Royale

If you are an ardent player of Clash Royale hack, then you must know how important gems are to your video game life. Unfortunately, gems are not free, and you have to pay for them with real money, no need to worry to worry though there are a few ways on how to get free gems in clash royale.

How to get free gems in Clash Royale

To begin with, you have to understand that nothing is truly free, and although you might not be paying money, you will have to give a little time and energy to get these free gems. A thousand online gem generators exist out there, so you may be skeptical on if any of them work. Yes, a lot are fake and will just waste your time, and some will even get your account blocked. Some of these websites are fast, free and legit; all you have to do is put in your username, pick your device, choose the amount of gems you desire and click generate. A little catch, though, you have to fill a survey, or do some other task, but they are usually quick and stress-free, so don’t hesitate.

If you are done with hacks, though, another way on how to get free gems in clash royale is with apps. These apps will give you points or rewards for doing random, simple tasks; you can then use these points or rewards to get gems or free gift cards that can use to buy gems. Two good examples are FreeMyApps and PrizeRebel. These apps allow you to get points, and you can use them to get then use to get free gems. This is how to get free gems in Clash Royale.